Reports from Mather to Currier, from The Crimson to CKS all have confirmed cases of a rapidly spreading affliction: confletitis (confetti-letter-itis).  It is an illness that appears to cut across all segments of the student population, Quadlings and Riverites, Seniors and Froshies alike.

More on the real pandemic sweeping Harvard, after the jump.

The mysterious illness surfaced at least three days ago, with inquisitive questions regarding envelopes received in student mailboxes.  The just smaller than letter size envelopes were sent via university mail, as seen through the label which also contained the student's name and house.  These were not nice Avery labels either--the typed sheets of paper were taped onto the envelope.  No return address included, of course.

Even weirder, the envelopes were enclosed with three awfully random circular insect stickers.  Inside?  A bunch of glitter and confetti.

Explanations began with viral marketing for house formals, or merely jokes from blockmates, but as the larger conspiracy was revealed it was clear something more sinister was at work.   FlyBy's investigation (read: one minute worth of brainstorming) found a pretty obvious perp: the Lampoon.  After their overconfettied nonsense last weekend, what else would you expect from the semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine?  They sure aren't publishing.

However, FlyBy is hoping that we're only in the first quarter of this most intriguing game.  The 'Poon is too obvious a suspect...does someone else have the time and level of boredom to do this?  Where's the motive?  Can we at least get a copycat?  Otherwise, this weird occurence will end as just that...merely weird.