Update: It appears Facebook has been infected with the Konami Code as well.  No unicorns this time, but...sunspots?

For the considerable segment of the population that enjoys both sports and mythological creatures, prance over to ESPN.com, which will transform into a shimmering dreamland of unicorns, clouds, and rainbows after inputting a sequence on the keyboard.

According to various online articles, web game site Kotaku.com was the first to reveal that inputting the Konami code—up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter—would unleash a drove of the one-horned creatures onto the screen.

After entering the code, which also renders headlines hot pink, watch the ponies multiply by pressing any key. The graphics feature all different styles of unicorns, including a heart-branded one jumping over a cloud, another bearing Hello Kitty, a majestic gold steed, and even a melancholy-looking grey unicorn.

The Konami code is a famous cheat code from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Inputting the sequence into a host of games could enable special powers or features—such as 30 extra lives in Contra.

Provided that ESPN hasn't annihilated the code yet, head over to its Web site to see the the sparkly one-horned wonderland for yourself.

Photo courtesy of www.CNET.com