Readers of the Cambridge Chronicle—the inferior other Cambridge newspaper—may have noticed a rather strange placement of a sticker advertisement on this week's front page.

The "most unfortunate juxtaposition," as Media Nation called it, is the coincidence that the sticker, advertising a wine sale at Cambridge Wine & Spirits, has been placed over the photo of (now) former Mass. State Senator Anthony D. Galluccio being handcuffed after receiving his one-year sentence for a drinking probation violation.

"We couldn't have planned this if we tried," wrote Greg Reibman of GateHouse Media New England (the Chronicle's publisher) in his response to Media Nation's post. He added that they "sincerely apologize to former Sen. Galluccio and anyone else who might, understandably, be troubled by this."

Reibman wrote that the advertisement had been ordered and scheduled way before the news article had been written, and that the stickers had been placed onto the newspapers by a machine about 25 miles away from the building that created the front page.

In October 2009, Galluccio left the scene of an accident in Cambridge that had caused injury to two individuals. The Crimson reported that he was put on alcohol probation last month but failed his first breathalyzer test just three days after the start of the probation (he blamed his toothpaste). Galluccio resigned earlier this week.

Well, at least we know that behind the sticker is a man with clean teeth.