U.S. News & World Report just can’t seem to get enough of Harvard. It was no surprise when the magazine ranked Harvard College the best in the country, but now a new study conducted by the magazine reveals that Harvard has the most representation among the CEOs of America’s 100 largest companies.

According to the study, 15 Harvard graduates are at the helm of one of America’s 100 largest companies. Ten of these individuals have graduate degrees and five have degrees from Harvard College. Among the more notable names are J.P. Morgan Chase CEO James L. Dimon HBS ’82, GE CEO Jeffery R. Immelt HBS ’82, and Microsoft CEO Steven A. Ballmer ’77.

The study shows that there was really little competition for the top spot. Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania are the second most represented each with seven graduates on the list. As usual, Yale fell short of Harvard. With a mere three graduates achieving the position of CEO at a top company, Yale tied for seventh place.

This is not the only study by the magazine touting the success of Harvard graduates. According to an article published by the magazine earlier this year, Harvard is also the most represented university in US Congress with 15 members with degrees from Harvard College. Many more have graduate degrees.