After nearly three weeks and ten bids, a piece of Facebook history goes to a lucky unknown for $30,201., a website created by former Harvard student Mark E. Zuckerberg that amassed photos from all the House online facebooks and prompted users to choose the “hotter” photo between two, went on sale with a starting price of $19,000.

Although is a defunct domain, Rahul Jain, who bought the site according to IT World, was able to sell it through the online auction site Flippa. According to IT World, Jain donated a portion of the proceeds to Dakshana Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate poverty through paying for children’s education in India.

Meanwhile, the buyer chose to remain anonymous, and according to ITworld, Flippa said that the buyer is not affiliated with Facebook or Sony Pictures, which produced “The Social Network.”

For now, has links to ads and says "This Page Is Under Construction - Coming Soon!"

Photo courtesy of Raphaël Labbé/Wikimedia Commons.