After Thanksgiving, those lucky enough not to be suffering from the after-effects of a food-filled extravaganza may find themselves in the midst of one of the craziest times of the year: Christmas shopping season.

While this weekend sees the likes of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, no day is more famous for the after-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas holiday rush than Black Friday.

Black Friday, some argue, is the perfect time to buy those things you've been needing (and of course gifts). Below, we've outlined some of the best deals for items that students may be yearning for.

The coming of Thanksgiving means the coming of winter, and for those still unprepared for the cold weather of the snowy season, take a look at the deals for Eastern Mountain Sports here in the Square.

Looking for a new camera to snap a shot of the first batch of snow that covers Harvard Yard? Hunt’s Photo has a special deal on Casio and Nikon cameras so you can capture every special moment you have over the holidays.

For those that have access to a car or a very generous friend willing to make the trip, drive over to the Wrentham Premium Outlets. With deals starting at midnight on the already discounted outlet prices, you will not be disappointed by the selection. Be forewarned: get ready for a long commute; you won’t be the only ones on the road that night.

Here are some other deals to look out for this Friday:


75% off Dress Shirts and Ties, 50% off Casual and Dress Shoes


Warm Flannel Sheet Sets (Perfect for Winter Weather) for $13.99

Urban Outfitters

50% off all clearance items

Radio Shack

Selected Digital Cameras for under $150

A word of caution to those brave enough to explore the wonder that is Black Friday: shopping can get pretty hectic and with many stores starting their deals at midnight or earlier, be prepared to see long lines and some fighting for the last item on sale on the shelves.

But if you are willing to stick it out and survive the onslaught of shoppers, you will be surprised at what you can find in the midst of all the grand sales.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.