If you were able to join the several hundred Harvard undergraduates at last Friday’s surprise "absurdity" protest in response to protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church, you’ll remember that students brought their creative A-game in the form of hilarious protest signs.  If you didn’t get a chance to go–don’t worry! Flyby has compiled a list of some of the best signs that we spotted that morning.

"Lesbians love my Hanukah bush"

"Anyone up for Scrabble later?"

"I was told that there would be free Qdoba"

"Team Edward"

"I have a sign"

"I have a sign too"

"Is this the line 4 Bieber tickets?"

"If God hates Jews, then why is Jon Stewart so awesome??!?!"

"Unimpressed cat is unmoved by your hate and she does not like douchey protestors"

"The rent is to 2 damn hi!"

"Save the unicorns"

"Dorothy left Kansas for a reason"