While midterm elections are still a ways away, Democrats and Republicans on campus will have a chance to fight it out much sooner.

This Friday the Harvard College Democrats and the Harvard Republican Club will face off in their fifth annual “Paintball Brawl.”

Approximately twenty members of each camp will head to Boston Paintball on that fateful day. The Republicans have won the previous four tournaments.

“I guess we’re just better with guns,” said Mark A. Isaacson ’11, president of the HRC.

Jason Q. Berkenfeld ’11, president of the Dems echoed the sentiment in a separate interview, “To be honest, Republicans are known to be better with guns.”

Isaacson said the Republicans’ preparation consisted of recruiting members to sign up to compete for Friday’s battle. “We’ll win, of course,” said Isaacson. “I have no doubt.”

Coming off a four-year losing streak, the Dems seem to hope that they’ll be as successful on Friday as they were in November.

“We’ve done some active recruiting to bring in some new blood. We have some secret weapons,” said Berkenfeld. “I’ve been training personally. I’ve been running a little bit further everyday to get in shape for Friday’s event, but I have not imposed that workout regiment for anyone else.”

Berkenfeld promises that he will shave his head if the Dems win. And should the Dems be defeated Friday, Berkenfeld asserts that the Dems could take the competition to a different arena.

“If we challenged the Republicans to a party-off or a dance-off, I have no doubt that we’d win. Because we’re a lot better at having fun, to be honest.”

Photo by Kane Hsieh/The Harvard Crimson.