Prefrosh snaked through the Student Organization Center at Hilles to grab goodies from tables manned by members of 167 different student organizations Sunday. We at FlyBy decided to do a little review of the clubs and their antics.

Best Food

Harvard Model Congress's tomato-basil pizza from Noch's beat out the Three Muskateers and Snickers that crowded other tables. Sadly, this FlyBy correspondent managed to overhear some disgruntled prefrosh complain about the food, with one saying, “God. I’m going to die if I have to eat this ever in my life." Apparently, she had yet to try Annenberg food.

Best Performance

Running up and down the stairs wearing baby costumes, dresses, and sartorially clashing outfits, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals took the stage in terms of pep and enthusiasm. Prefrosh must have been thankful that they didn’t show too much spirit.

Best Weapon

The Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association's female members carried swords made out of cardboard and other house supplies. “We’re calling [the routine] ‘Cute Girls with Large Swords,’” Tatyana V. Avilova ’13 said.

Photo by Anita B. Hofschneider/The Harvard Crimson.