Sometimes, it can seem so hard for students at Harvard to find relationships. We certainly love to complain about it.  But now, a new website is here to help…some of us.

DateHarvardSQ calls itself "a unique online dating platform matching discerning women with Harvard University educated men determined to make a difference in the world as foremost doctors, lawyers, businessmen, academics and professionals.” Translation: DateHarvardSQ is a site for (probably non-Harvard) girls who dig Harvard guys.

Interested? Disgusted? Read on to have your most pressing questions answered.

First, a note: since we talked to the people at DateHarvardSQ, they’ve deleted the links to all the couple profiles we describe below and two of the featured mens’ profiles (including Arya, the 40-year-old bro with the popped collar). Wonder what other improvements they’ll be making to the site in the next 24 hours?

Anyway, let's get to the details.

So, how does this thing work, exactly?

Women pay for a subscription to the site, which enables them to receive a set of profiles for “five Harvard University educated men” every week. Then, they choose whom to contact based on the men’s “personal and professional qualities.” Guys with proof of a Harvard connection can register free. Only the women have to pay because they “get all the choice and control, while the men only benefit whenever a woman is interested in them.”

What types of guys are featured?

This site is all about “dating the highest caliber men!” To see what this means, let’s take a look at a few statistics from the previously eight, but now six, sample profiles: