University Launches 'Harvard Stories'


During its 375 years of existence, Harvard has seen thousands of people pass through its campus. Whether they are students, faculty, or staff, many have viewed Harvard as home and they all have a unique story to tell. As such, the University has launched Harvard Stories, a project which gives all members of the Harvard community the chance to share their stories about Harvard.

Harvard Stories started filming interviews with alumni, students, and faculty in February 2011. The videos feature a member of the Harvard community sharing a personal anecdote about the University, be it before, during or after their time spent here.

Although the videos are brief (no more than a few minutes), they demonstrate the profound impact that Harvard can have on people. The stories recount experiences involving everything from discovering new styles of learning to witnessing a footnote. Many videos feature members of the recently graduated Class of 2011, so the stories are indeed relevant to the academic careers of current students.

New stories will be posted on the website each week and the project's website states that members of the Harvard community will be able to post their own videos by Commencement 2012. Have a story to tell? Potential story tellers can visit Harvard Stories' contact page to get involved.

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