Eight Things You Can't Forget to Pack

Williams' backpack contains combat essentials.
Williams' backpack contains combat essentials.

In the haste to cram your belongings into an overflowing suitcase, some things inevitably get left behind. As you're leaving school for the month, don't forget to pack these items:

1. Your resume. Get those internships for the summer. But don't bother if you're a psych major—it's just not happening.

2. Your tent, if you're part of Occupy Harvard.

3. Your proctor's baby. They'll never know it was you.

4. Your acoustic guitar. You bought it out of excitement, but can only play that one Green Day song.

5. Your sleeping bag. In the time you've been gone, your mom has converted your room into her scrapbooking den. Also applies if you're part of Occupy Harvard.

6. Your lip gloss. Sure, you don't use it here, but maybe your dad will appreciate it.

7. Your Harvard sweatshirt. How else will the guy sitting next to you on the Bolt Bus know where you go to school?

8. Your roommate's key. Next semester, the suite will be your palace.

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