'Let's Go Exile!'


As Cambridge residents took to the streets of Harvard Square to protest Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime, Jon Stewart casually referenced the "Let's Go" series of travel guides written entirely by Harvard undergraduates during a segment of his highly popular nightly comedy show.

During the piece— titled "Let's Go Exile!"—Stewart advises Mubarak to take refuge in France and enjoy its "eclectic ex-pat community," though Stewart warns that France could potentially be "too Western and too close to the Hague" for Mubarak's tastes. Stewart offered other options for exile to Mubarak including the Arabian Peninsula or Senegal where, according to Stewart, "the national disease is yellow fever with a touch of mosquito-born leprosy."

Although this is not the first time Stewart has mentioned "Let's Go" on his nightly program—the publication's editors blogged about being mentioned on "The Daily Show" back in November—"Let's Go" writers and editors were happy to be referenced on the show for a second time.

"Everyone was really excited about it," Joseph B. Gaspard '12, publicity and marketing director for "Let's Go," said. "We love it."

Photo couresty of Comedy Central

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