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The House of the Hare is best described as "accommodating." Although Leverett House has many advantages and disadvantages, the variety of housing options and decent location push this River House into the top two-thirds according to our ranking system.

Dining Hall: Leverett dining hall certainly has its ups and downs—mostly downs. On the plus side Leverett residents enjoy a friendly kitchen staff, efficient grill chefs, and 24-hour access to the drink machines and cereal dispensers. However, the layout of the dining hall is awkward, leading to frequent traffic jams. Although Leverett appears to have a large dining hall, it tends to get crowded during peak dining hours. Additionally, the food at brain break doesn't last long, and the dining hall is often populated late into the night by frantic physics students checking problem sets. Good thing every room in DeWolfe has a kitchen, right?

Facilities: Leverett Junior Common Room isn't exactly intimate, and even though the extra space makes for some sweet stein clubs, it isn't exactly a good spot to get work done. There is, however, a large library located between the Leverett Towers and McKinlock—the main building of Leverett—complete with a private study room and a computer lab. The Old Library isn't actually a functioning study space but rather a great location for numerous events including theatre productions. The G tower's "G-spot" features a TV and couches and is a prime location to relax. For the athletically inclined there is an excellent gym underneath A entryway.

Rooms: Fortunately, Leverett offers its residents a variety of housing options, including rooms in DeWolfe, spacious tower suites, and classic neo-Georgian rooms in Old Leverett. Finding your ideal rooming situation in Leverett is probably easier than in any other House. Since Leverett is the largest of the upperclassmen houses, with almost 500 students, even if you had trouble picking blockmates, or decided to float, there is a good chance you will be able find roommates that you like.

House Spirit: It's difficult to establish cohesiveness in a House that is divided into so many different buildings, but despite such obstacles Leverett does a decent job. The mascots of Leverett pride come from none other than the House Masters, the Georgis.  The Georgis, nicknamed "Chief" and "Coach," make an effort to get to know the residents and are reportedly strict police on Leverett community dining nights. Although many might mourn the loss of the annual ’80s dance, there are a number of other events that House committee organizes throughout the year, including popular stein clubs.

Location: The long walk to the Science Center might not be far enough to warrant a shuttle like the walk from Mather House, but it certainly puts Leverett in an awkward spot. Additionally, Leverett isn't exactly close to athletic facilities or the Square. The Charles River, however, is easily accessible—a major plus for the month of so that it's warm enough to spend time outside.

Quirks: Leverett has many qualities of a good House, but not much else. The tunnels under McKinlock are pretty interesting and have some hidden treasures, including a well-hidden foosball table.

Rating: Because of its poorly-designed dining hall and lack of House spirit, this year Leverett House is ranked eighth out of 12.

Our rankings so far:

8. Leverett

9. Currier

10. Mather

11. Winthrop

12. Cabot

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