This year 10 teams fought for culinary glory during a heated Guac Off hosted by The Harvard College Culinary Society, a student group that plans events for Harvard foodies.

"There aren't a lot of places where people can cook on campus," said Rebecca A. Ruskin '13, the Society’s current president. "We wanted to give students a chance to have fun and get an experience outside of the lecture hall."

The Culinary Society provided each team with three avocados, one red onion, one lime, one tomato, one jalepeño, and 15 minutes to prepare their guacamole. Teams were also allowed to bring their own "secret" ingredients, and everything from cilantro to "special sauce" showed up at the competition. As the teams furiously squashed and mixed, other students milled around enjoying free Boloco burritos and salsa while waiting to taste test their peers' creations.

At the end of the competition, the Culinary Society board tasted all of the teams' guacamole and picked the winning team. In the end, Cara S. Guenther '13 and her team were victorious, claiming the Guac Off title and coupons for free Boloco.