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Some Suggestions for Themed Dining Hall Dinners

As the year winds down, HUHDS has been gracing dining halls near you with exciting themed meals. On Tuesday, dining halls served Japanese food in solidarity with disaster victims on the other side of the world. Tonight, HUHDS brings us its annual sustainability dinner, featuring eco-friendly local foods like carved whole chicken, steamed mussels, and fresh vegetables.

Harvard Study Highlights Health Benefits of Chocolate

Next time you're in your dining hall, don't pass on dessert in the name of healthy eating. A recent Harvard study concluded that consuming chocolate lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, and may reduce the risk of diabetes.

Students Compete for Guac Off Glory

This year 10 teams fought for culinary glory during a heated Guac Off hosted by The Harvard College Culinary Society, a student group which plans events Harvard foodies.

Community Garden Looks Forward to Spring Thaw

Ever had the urge to run out of the classroom and get your hands dirty? The Harvard Community Garden, located in the open lot in front of Lowell House, gives Harvard students just that opportunity.