As Donald Trump prepares his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, he continues his attacks on President Barack H. Obama, claiming Obama was a "terrible student" and questioning the president's ability to have attended both Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

Trump has made headlines recently for reviving the birther debate and for demanding that the president reveal his birth records. Now the billionaire is taking it one step further, calling on Obama to reveal his academic records, believing there to be an inconsistency between Obama's academic performance and his acceptance to two elite universities.

"I heard he was a terrible student ... Let him show his records," Trump said in an Associated Press interview. "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything, and they can't get into Harvard," he added.

But one needs to look no further than former President John F. Kennedy '40 to realize that there may be precedent for Obama's supposed delinquency. Kennedy's application to Harvard shows that he was a lackluster student. Regardless, Kennedy and Obama were both actively involved with Harvard student publications—Kennedy was an editor of The Crimson while Obama served as president of the Harvard Law Review.

And never mind the fact that Obama graduated magna cum laude from HLS. We hear they just give those things away.