Recent Alumnus Formulates Perfume To 'Flirt for You'


As an applied math concentrator at Harvard, Shaan K. Hathiramani '08 never pictured himself in the perfume industry.

He and his brother created their first scent, Ageless, as a Mother's Day present for their Mom, inspiring Hathiramani to leave the finance world and create Harvey Prince, an online perfumery distributing scents that "change the way you feel."

Eau Flirt, a mixture of lavender, pumpkin pie, citrus, and jasmine, is one of the company’s newest products and is marketed as the perfume that "flirts for you."

And based on the customer reaction to their perfume, Hathiramani says the perfume really works.

Hathiramani receives emails "weekly" from customers detailing the "extra looks they get from guys" when out with friends.

"Someone in Greece emailed us recently and said [Eau Flirt] was the perfect bailout," Hathiramani said.

Harvey Prince's other products include Eau de Lite, a scent for dieters hoping to curb cravings, and Ageless, the scent originally created for the brothers’ mother that helps women "smell 8-12 years younger."

"We don't take ourselves too seriously," Hathiramani said. "But we really enjoy creating high quality products that really use high-quality essential ingredients."

Hathiramani said that the company is currently working on a new perfume "specifically for the flirty college girl."

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