Two of the most prominent Harvard students from the entertainment world—Tyra Banks and Conan C. O'Brien '85—chatted on O'Brien's show last week about their experiences at Harvard.

Though he actually was a History and Literature concentrator at the College, O'Brien downplayed his academic credentials on air. "I went to the Harvard School of Driving. I was asked to leave after the U-turn didn't work out," he said.

He expressed incredulity when Banks insisted that her classmates in the Harvard Business School program where she is currently enrolled have not tried to hit on her. Recalling his own undergrad days, O'Brien complained that in contrast to Banks' supermodel looks, some of his female classmates "looked like Emily Dickinson after a bike accident."

O'Brien also suggested that Banks donate money to rename a building at HBS, urging her to call it "The Kiss My Fat Ass Building." Somehow we don't foresee that construction project starting any time soon.