Listed below are 15 reasons why you should come to the Harvard vs. Brown football game tonight.

1. It's Brown. Harvard clearly needs to prove its Ivy dominance against the school that insists on having a Pass or Fail option for every class.

2. Show off your Harvard apparel. We know you have it. You, with the Harvard sweatshirt, mini running shorts, blazer, sunglasses, and matching shirts for Mom and Dad. You never wear them in case they led to a conversation involving the H-Bomb. The time to wear this stuff is now.

3. Undefeated. Harvard football has never lost a night home game. A pretty much tangible piece of evidence of our school's perfection. What could be better than being a part of that?

4. Emma Watson. Let's be real. Emma Watson was at the Harvard vs. Brown game last year. This year, we're aiming for the big leagues. No one knows which Hogwartian will show up next.

5. The Red Sox can't put two wins in a row in the midst of an incredibly close wildcard race and the NBA currently doesn't exist. If you're into the world of sports the game tonight might be the best you're gonna get for a while.

6. Everyone knows that the Yale game is "The Game." But say that there was more than one game per season. Say that one more game could decide who won the Ivy League title. Say, in fact, that this game was tonight. Would you go?

7. Freshman Dropouts. Chances are if you want to be a computer mogul and follow in the steps of Zuckerberg, you're going to drop out soon. Just in case this happens before The Game, the (other) game tonight is a good opportunity to make sure you see at least one athletic event in your time here.