For most college students, logistical hassles can be a barrier to registering to vote. With deadlines for registration rapidly approaching, the Institute of Politics has partnered with TurboVote, a company developed by two Kennedy School alums that offers online voter registration, to streamline the process. With TurboVote, students can simply fill out a digital form to register to vote in any state, get an absentee ballot, or re-register in Massachusetts after registering in another state. (All students are eligible to register in Massachusetts but must do so by Oct. 17.) It's convenient enough to do from the comfort of your own dorm room.

Over 700 students of the class of 2016 have registered thus far using TurboVote.

"I had been wanting to register to vote in Massachusetts for a while but hadn't found the opportunity," said Molly L. Roberts '16. "It was really nice to finally have the chance without having to even leave campus to find it."

The IOP is helping to promote TurboVote by sponsoring the interhouse H-VOTE competition in which the House with the highest percentage of eligible voters who pledge to vote on Nov. 6 will win a cash prize for their House Committee.

Wherever you plan to vote this November, don't wait to register, as deadlines are approaching quickly. To register or request an absentee ballot, go to You can also contact your H-VOTE House captain with any questions or concerns.

Here are the most urgent deadlines:

Must be RECEIVED by Sat. 10/6:


Rhode Island

Must be postmarked by Sat. 10/6:



South Carolina