For all you undecided voters out there (do you even exist?): the time is now to make up your minds. In the words of a woman who has seen her own political stock plummet in recent weeks, Speak Now or forever hold your peace. (Disregard the fact that T. Swift won't take her own advice, publicly at least.)

While we at Flyby would like to kindly suggest that you decide on who you'll support here and now, once and for all, there is not much more information about any of the candidates we give you that they (or The Crimson) haven't already given (see the post below this one).

One more thing you might want to take into consideration, howeverand we really think this could swing the voteis Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz's recent endorsement.

We get it. You were waiting for this opinionated professor to weigh in all along. Thankfully, now he has! And guys, this is big news coming from a Harvard professor: It's Obama.

Last Tuesday, Dershowitz wrote in the Jerusalem Post: "The case for the reelection of President Barack Obama is compelling for several important reasons." Just under the wire, there, Dersh.

Now that we all know what Dershowitz is thinking, let's all get pumped to vote on some real issues.