Are You An Ivy League Asshole?

Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Are you an asshole? If you're a student of the Ivy League, then according to conservative newsmagazine The National Review's Fred Schwarz, then yes, yes you are.

You can be an asshole from the West, an asshole from the East, a tall asshole or a short asshole. Regardless, you are an "Ivy League ***hole," Schwarz wrote.

A Columbia graduate himself, Schwarz explained an Ivy League admit is, among other things, spontaneously glib on a large number of issues, confident in his or her solutions but resentful that others won't listen, and guilty of accepting the credit for work for which he or she is not responsible (The Ad Board is currently investigating this issue).

These assholeish traits are also common among successful presidential candidates, he wrote.

Schwarz takes issue with the concentration of Ivy League degrees among American presidents in the nation's history.

Schwarz alleges that these assholeish qualities do not carry over to make good presidents. In fact, all of the Ivy League asshole presidents have done poor jobs during their terms in office, Schwarz argued.

"...if you look at the last 50-odd years of presidents, starting with JFK, the Ivy grads have been talkers and dreamers, while the non-Ivy grads have been doers," Schwarz wrote.

Since, according to Schwarz, we at Harvard are all "Ivy League ***holes" by default, we suppose we should just roll with it. Particularly in a year when Gov 1359: "Road to the White House" is being offered.

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