Fundraising Through Henna


Margot Leger '13 is a runner, a lover of words, and a creative fundraiser. This April she is combining two things that most of us have probably only ever considered doing—running a marathon and getting a henna tattoo. Leger, fundraising in support of the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA), is asking friends and family to donate words, at five dollars apiece, that she will henna onto her body before she runs the distance.

A junior from South Africa, Leger, who is also a Crimson video editor, started running seriously last summer and made the decision to participate in her first marathon as a member of the Harvard College Marathon Club. While running, she hopes to support the AMAA by fundraising in a way that will raise both money and visibility for the cause. "It's all about creating awareness for living a healthy lifestyle and showing youth the importance of living healthily," Leger said.

In addition to combining her passion for running, words, and art, she sees this project as a creative communication tool in her personal life. "It's a really nice way to reconnect with people who I've lost touch with from different parts of the world."

This enthusiastic runner is encouraging friends and family to donate words or whole sentences to her cause, meaning that phrases like "see the world on foot" can become a part of her tattoo repertoire for just $25.

Canyon S. Woodward '15 donated "FOP 61," a tribute to his FOP group of which Leger was one of the two leaders. "It's an inspiring cause and I think she's definitely got the motivation to pull it off," Woodward said.

Some other creative donations include a yoga chant, part of the South African National Anthem, and phrases in other languages. To learn more about the "Moving Marathon Masterpiece" visit the Facebook page and check out her video as well. Go Margot!

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