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For a nostalgic senior, a last sweatshirt and a last hurrah
For a nostalgic senior, a last sweatshirt and a last hurrah

How much are you willing to pay to get Jeremy Lin's boxers? An enterprising eBay vendor estimated $1,000 to be a decent opening bid for a pair of boxer briefs he claims Lin wore during his time at Harvard. Unfortunately for the Linsane, this listing was quickly taken down. There is, however, a used Harvard Under Armour tank top for sale! No connection to Lin was disclosed, except for the obvious Harvard link.

In the case that used clothing with dubious and tenuous links to JLin are not your cup of tea, we scoured the Internet to find some other Harvard-related gems for sale:

1. Linsanity Magic Wands

You've always wanted to go to Hogwarts and bragged to your friends back home that Annenberg is just like the Great Hall. Now you can take the Hogwarts analogy and Linsanity to another level with these specially made Linsane Magic Wands. Unfortunately, they only come with one spell each, so you can wave it at your laptop 'til spring break, but the keyboard won't write that paper for you à la Rita Skeeter.

2. Swarovski Crystal Harvard Baseball Hat

Stay classy, brah.

3. Kermit-at-Harvard T-shirt

Juniors: out of time to clean your room before your parents inspect visit? Order this shirt about the implications of disorganization on intelligence: no one can argue with the Muppets or anything stamped "Harvard."

4. Harvard Chamber Pot

The marvelous Internet also provides a solution to those of us unfortunate enough to live in walkthroughs (with spectacular river views!). The next time your roommate interrupts your sexy-time on their way to the bathroom, gift them this vintage Harvard chamber pot. This great addition to your room will alleviate both awkwardness, but should come with a discussion of cleaning practices.

5. MBTA Accessories

Before the time of the complete digitization of our lives, the MBTA used coin tokens instead of T cards. Recall the good old days with these MBTA token earrings: quirky and totally authentic. We've got the guys covered as well: with these cuff links one can't help but effuse a vintage charm sans the ostentatious Harvard display. But, you'll give just enough of a hint of your college years so that those in the know realize where you actually were when you "went to school in Boston."

6. Harvard Law Student Birthday Cookies

Hey, you've got to be able to look forward to something during your time at HLS.

7. Harvard Smoking Paraphernalia

Store-bought irony has become too mainstream. Give your personal brand of irony a vintage Harvard twist with this Harvard Medical School ashtray featuring the Harvard Medical School's shield. After this helps you catch the eye of all the honeys at Gato Rojo, be prepared to give them a light with these vintage Harvard matches and tobacco felt.

8. Harvard Hoodie Halter

Have school spirit but hate the oh-so-drab sweatshirts in stock at the Coop? You've worked hard for that figure—why not show it off? The Harvard Hoodie Halter is your choice outfit for future school spirit-appropriate occasions. Pair it with the Harvard hoodie skirt, if you want to pull out all the stops.

9. Confessions of a Harvard Student

The rise of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have fueled our appetites for stalking friends, strangers, exes, crushes, hook-ups, and celebrities, but nothing really beats good old-fashioned diary reading. Peruse the contents of "1947 Harvard Diary Neurotic Depressed Grad Student/PhD Angst No Friends No Girl" to your heart's content...

10. Harvard Dog Sweater

Worried about your pooch in the New England winter, but hard-pressed to find appropriate Harvard gear? This Etsy dog sweater is made of a Harvard knit and will be sure to keep your pet warm in the newly fallen snow.

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