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Harvard Partners With Facebook For Tech Research

​More than a decade after its founding in a Harvard dorm, Facebook is partnering with Harvard and 16 other universities in a research agreement allow Harvard faculty members and graduate students to work with the social media giant.

Institute of Politics Website Hacked

The hack coincided with a busy day for the IOP: the release of its biannual millennial poll.

Q & A with Anant Agarwal

Anant Agarwal, an MIT computer science professor who has served as CEO of edX since its establishment, sat down to recount the challenges of creating courses for an online learning environment, discuss the non-profit’s business model, and speculate about what the future might hold for edX.

Harvard 2048: A New Level of Procrastination

Next time you’re bored in class or need a diversion while studying, procrastinate while also burning these important people’s faces into your brain. Sorry for all the hours you're about to lose!

Canvas To Replace iSites as Course Platform

Canvas, a web interface currently piloted by dozens of Harvard courses, will replace iSites as the University’s platform for course websites by the 2016-17 academic year.

“Hi, I’m Dean Pfister”- Currier House

Currier House brought pre-Housing Day fever to new heights with an email from “dean.donald.pfister@gmail.com.” Complete with a fungus reference, a tree-themed book recommendation, and an invitation to join “the Dean” at the park, it bore all of the marks of a classic Pfister correspondence.

Ten Years Later, Facebook’s First Users Look Back at Site’s Earliest Days

Before Facebook swept the globe and attracted more than one billion users, it got its start in a Kirkland House dorm room on Feb. 4, 2004 as an internal directory for Harvard undergraduates, running on a single server at a cost of $85 per month.

Thousands Enroll in Harvard Divinity School’s First edX Course

More than 28,000 students from 183 countries have enrolled in HDS1544.1x: “Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul,” Harvard Divinity School’s first foray into edX, which launched Jan. 6—a figure more than 220 times the size of the school’s 2013 graduating class.

What Does the Spleen Do?

Nerdy in the best way possible, graduates over at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Dental School recently parodied the popular song “The Fox” by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. In their rendition, “The Spleen,” students at the Medical School ask the age-old question: what does the spleen do? Is it a back up tongue? A third eye? The world may never know.

What's Worse: The ACA Website or Harvard Websites?

Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act website, there has been a lot of criticism about its workability. Some active internet commenters have been pretty outspoken about how they think it's the worst site in the history of the interwebz. Harvard students beg to differ. Students spend hours trying to traverse the maze that is the Harvard University Portal. To name just a few of these nearly impossible to navigate websites:

EdX Announces Spring 2013 Courses

EdX, the virtual learning initiative launched by Harvard and MIT last May, announced Wednesday that it will offer courses in the humanities and social sciences for the first time this coming spring.

The Best YouTube Comments on Harvard-Related Videos

The comments section beneath any YouTube video is a magical place where grammar, coherence, and basic human decency go to die. Needless to say, the results are often hilarious. Here are some comments from Harvard-related videos that will make you laugh, cry (in a good way), and question the future of this great country.

Faculty Debate Impact of edX

Six months after the launch of edX, Harvard faculty continue to express a spectrum of opinions on whether HarvardX—the subset of edX courses offered by Harvard—will enhance or detract from on-campus instruction.

House Life Survey, Take Two (and Q!)

This time it's for real, in all kinds of ways. After a preemptive round of No Subject emails landed in students' inboxes yesterday from the suspiciuos sender "registration@worldapp.com," The Office of Student Life has done its best to put this botched attempt at undergraduate opinion gathering behind it and move on to bigger and/or less sketchy things.

edX to Partner with Local Community Colleges

Harvard and MIT’s joint online learning venture edX announced Tuesday morning that it would combine virtual and in-person learning as it expands to two local community colleges.

Library Lab Puts on Show

The Library Lab showcased 28 library projects created by Harvard students, faculty, and staff Wednesday night.

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