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Venn Diagram: Swing States and Swingers

What do Swing States and Swingers have in common? More than you'd think.

Jump! Flyby's Pre-Graduation Checklist

Next Saturday students will turn in the last batch of final exams and the 2011-2012 school year will be officially complete. The class of 2012, which only has a few tests, senior week, and Commencement ahead of them, can attest to the fact that your Harvard experience really will finish before you can say "Primal Scream." While there is no way to slow the passing of time, Flyby suggests that you take advantage of your remaining weeks, semesters, or years here and partake in those Harvard traditions that you will regret forgoing after graduation.

Harvard Merchandise Across the Web

How much are you willing to pay to get Jeremy Lin's boxers? An enterprising eBay vendor estimated $1,000 to be a decent opening bid for a pair of boxer briefs he claims Lin wore during his time at Harvard. Unfortunately for the Linsane, this listing was quickly taken down. There is, however, a used Harvard Under Armour tank top for sale! No connection to Lin was disclosed, except for the obvious Harvard link.

La Creperie Reborn– Introducing Canteen

La Creperie/Arrow Street Crepes was never able to decide on one name. Now, it has abandoned both, in favor of ...

Hoping for a New Home

The competition for best House has always been a tumultuous one. Upperclassman housing at Harvard often means more than just ...

Get Out!

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, the heavens have punished us mercilessly with an onslaught of precipitation. But instead of grumbling in ...

Harvard's Own 'Idol'

Closet American Idol followers and enthusiasts need no longer hide away in their rooms to watch the show on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. They can now justify procrastination (and secret Idol obsession) by supporting Molly D. Swenson '10, who is a contestant on the tenth season of the popular television show. Swenson, currently a White House intern, made her American Idol debut last Wednesday night on Fox.

Movie Theater

Unimpressed with the five movie options presented at our local AMC Loews theater? Want to escape “The Social Network” for ...