On the Sixth Day of Reading Period...

Pull a Tom Cruise in Risky Business and dance around in your underwear!
Pull a Tom Cruise in Risky Business and dance around in your underwear!

The end of the semester is a stressful time, and we all need to remember to relax every now and then. Flyby is here to help! This is the sixth installment in our Seven Days of Reading Period series, inspired by "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Stay tuned for more!

On the sixth day of reading period, Flyby gave to me six things to look forward to about going home.

Free time
No more cramming for exams or frantically writing papers at the last minute! You can watch all the TV or movies you want without feeling guilty! 

Delicious home-cooked food, family style. Does it get any better?

You no longer have to feel guilty about sleeping for 12 hours. Hibernate all you want!

Friends and Family
Plenty of time to catch up with everyone you've been missing. And while you probably love and will miss your roommates, distance makes the heart grow fonder and you'll be extra excited to be together in January!

Enjoy being able to do exactly what you want without the fear of a roommate awkwardly intruding. Play loud music and dance around your room naked all you want!

Time to Read
You may have been averaging 1000 pages a week all semester, but now is the time to finally catch up on all those books you've been wanting to read for pleasure but haven't had time for.

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