Reading Period

Slippery and Streaking, Primal Scream Runners Storm Yard

Slipping, shouting, and streaking, herds of naked students participated in the biannual tradition of Primal Scream at midnight on Thursday morning, blowing off steam on the last night before final exams commence.

Spring Screaming

Students gather in Harvard Yard at midnight before finals period to relieve stress through a spring Primal Scream.

Scene and Heard: Food During Finals

​Finals period is coming, and with it, the need for non-HUDS food is stronger than ever before. To help you through Harvard’s hell week, FM has compiled a list of ways to get a satisfying—and cheap—culinary fix.

Best Spots to Cry During Reading Period

​If you’re finding that the stress of impending exams is making you go through a box of tissues a day, don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural to get a bit (a lot) teary-eyed at this time of year. However, your snot-covered crying face is probably less than cute and sobbing in a fetal position in the middle of Lamont cafe is probably less than optimal. Never fear—we’ve got you covered with a list of the best places to have your reading period emotional breakdowns.

Non-Advice For Reading Period and Finals

With reading period coming up, students have been subjected to a treasure trove of advice from friends, family, and administrators. The following are the five pieces of advice you’d rather not hear.

Primal Scream

Students celebrate the end of reading period by participating in the semesterly Primal Scream tradition, running around Harvard Yard, many naked or wearing little for clothing.

Protest at Primal Scream Leads to Chaotic Exchange

Protesters said that their goal was not to protest Primal Scream itself, but to hold a four-and-a-half minute period of silence before the run for Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo. and Eric Garner of New York.

Study Buddies

Cabot students pet a bunny on the quad lawn on May 7. Animal Craze brought furry animals to the quad to help students relax and take a study break during reading week.

7 Best Library Bag Checker Conversation Starters

Some will greet you with a “good evening” at 12 in the afternoon, and others seem to only know one word, “books.” For all those times that you’ve wanted to take the conversation a little further, we present the Top 7 Bag Checker Conversation Starters!

The 7 Stages of Procrastination

It’s reading period, and if you’ve got papers to write, Flyby knows that chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time procrastinating. Flyby is right here to hold your hand and walk you through each stage.

Number of Students Taking Make-Up Exams Triples After Bomb Threat Incident

According to Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar Michael P. Burke, 168 students—including those whose exams were not affected by the bomb threat—will be taking make-up exams this semester, nearly three times as many those in the spring of 2013.

A Bedtime Lamontstory

Though reports vary as to what it’s like to spend a night in Lamont, it’s clear that as the night drags into morning, the library ambience changes drastically. “I think there is a certain hour when the atmosphere becomes one of desperation,” said Ariel R. Walzer ’15.

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