Thanks to Casey Affleck, Square Movie Theater May Have a Future

There may be new hope for those still lamenting the loss of the Harvard Square movie theater.

Moviegoers and fans of the film "Good Will Hunting" will be excited to hear that during a recent interview with Boston Magazine, actor Casey Affleck expressed his desire to reopen the theater that he and his brother Ben once frequented.

“So many Harvard Square landmarks are gone...and of all the places there should be a theater, it should be Harvard Square,” he said in the interview. “And so I’m rallying people I know from Cambridge, Matt and my brother and a couple others, and trying to find someone who would partner with us to reopen that theater as a not-for-profit place.”

The theater closed in July 2012, and Richard Friedman, president and CEO of the business that currently owns the theater, told Boston Magazine that the space would require expensive renovations to bring it up to code before it could reopen. He added that Affleck has not yet reached out to him to discuss the theater’s future, but he would certainly be willing to speak with the actor.

Here’s hoping Affleck’s rallying cry will become a reality.

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