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By now everyone's heard the news: A's are the most commonly awarded grade at Harvard. Dining halls are alive with the sounds of students wondering who is getting all of these apparently ever-so-abundant As.

Now you can finally find out what your grade would be if you attended that magical “Harvard” place you keep hearing about in the news. Just visit the brand new website "What Would My Harvard Grade Be," and there it is! You've found the A that's always seemed just out of reach!

If that answer doesn't seem to line up with reality, you could always head over to the Princeton GPA converter site, which seems to have more basis in fact. Created last year by Princeton students seeking to comfort themselves about grade deflation, the converter used each school’s GPA percentiles to let Princeton students know what their GPA could have been had they gone to Harvard.

The converter, with its statistical comparison method, showed a maximum GPA increase of only 0.16, suggesting that instead of tolerating mockery for our “easy” classes, we should be laughing at those who exaggerate the disparity between Harvard grading and that of peer institutions in order to start internet flame wars.

Plus, who's to say a student smart enough to chose Harvard over Princeton isn't also smart enough to get better grades?

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