Does seeing another country from a distance constitute foreign policy experience? Is refudiate a word? Is North Korea one of America's allies? Most Harvard students (and for $55,000 a year we'd hope all of our professors) would have no problem answering no to all these questions. All except our newest member of faculty, according to one blog.

Satirical blog The Daily Currant published an article yesterday claiming former governor of Alaska and famed "mama grizzly" Sarah Palin would be joining Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government as a visiting scholar in the fall, teaching classes on the war on terror, welfare, religion and oil and gas development.

Despite the fact that their post was, well, a joke, Twitter saw some interesting, rather serious reactions to it. "How can Harvard use Palin and scholar in the same sentence?" one user asked, while another claimed, "those students will tear Sarah Palin up. Let's see how long she lasts in that classroom."

With Palin's record on geographyliteracy, and, well, politics, perhaps it's a good thing we won’t get the chance to find out.