Harvard Mom Seeks Sugar Baby To Have Sex with Her Son

Disclaimer: Women over 19 are ineligible.
Disclaimer: Women over 19 are ineligible.

Before I went to college, my mother took me shopping. She bought me extra-long sheets, shower flip-flops, a bathroom caddy, the usual. What my mother did not try to buy for me: a “sugar baby.”

Unlike my mother, a Philadelphia-area mom (or at least someone claiming to be one) posted on Craigslist on Tuesday, looking for a “cute young girl” to deflower her Harvard-bound son. In exchange, she will “make your financial issues disappear. ;)”

But, ladies of Philadelphia, not all of you are eligible. She’s looking for someone 19 or younger “as 20+ would probably freak him out. lol.” Her son is 18, “very handsome and extremely fit,” and a runner.

She also doesn’t want her son to know, so she’s crafted an elaborate plan for the sugar baby to pick up her son at a concert, “seduce him and take his virginity,” and then “keep dating him (and showing him different sex positions)” until he ships off to Cambridge.

Before the posting was flagged for removal, I responded trying to get an interview with the mother, but haven’t heard back. Maybe I would have had better luck if I hadn’t identified myself as a Crimson reporter. ;) lol

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