Widener Library

Harvard Parents Proudly Don 'P’22' Caps for First-Year Family Weekend

Harvard Yard bustled with parents, siblings, and extended family members on Friday and Saturday as relatives of freshmen converged on Cambridge for the College’s First-Year Family Weekend.

Annenberg Hall
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Which Annenberg Table Are You?

Nothing beats a good personality quiz! Which Annenberg Table are you?

Endpaper Mice
House Life

In Case You Forget

Under the vaulted ceilings of that old, old space, we danced onwards, understanding that we were still so very young and so very new to this place.

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Shilpa Tummala: Harvard’s Youngest Proctor

Having graduated in 2016, Shilpa Tummala is Harvard's youngest — and also coolest — proctor.

Dorm Room Decor: Pennypacker
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The Ultimate Test: Will Your Freshman Roomie Bond Last?

If you want to stay besties with your roomies 4eva, don't shed your hair everywhere.

Harvard Yard Robberies

Harvard Police Investigating Two Break-Ins in Freshman Dorms, Again

Several Wigglesworth Hall residents reported that someone climbed through their first floor window while they were sleeping and stole “several laptops, wallets, and an iPhone,” Catalano wrote.

Latinx Convocation

Students, Alumni, Faculty Gather for Inaugural Harvard College Latinx Convocation

The ceremony, the title of which translates to “My Roots, My Community,” was organized by Latinx student leaders in order to welcome students of Latinx heritage in the Class of 2022.

Best Iced Coffee Around Harvard
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Freshmen: What We Wish We Knew

LamCaf is for flirting, not working. Obviously.

Year in Review - Diversity: Laundry Room
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First Year Guide to Laundry

Whether you're a helpless first year or lazy senior, you might have never done your own laundry before.

Holworthy Thefts

Harvard Police Investigating Two Burglaries in Freshman Dorms

Thieves climbed through the windows of freshman dorm Holworthy Hall while students were asleep and spirited away laptops, wallets, and an iPad, according to the Harvard University Police Department.

FYRE 2018

Freshmen Praise New Pre-Orientation Program for Under-Resourced Students

Ninety-five incoming Harvard first-years arrived on campus early to participate in the new pre-orientation program.

Bacow at Convocation

Bacow, Khurana Call for Civic Engagement in Challenging Times At Convocation

In his first speech to students as Harvard's president, Bacow gave the wide-eyed freshmen homework: registering to vote.

Lawrence Bacow
Central Administration

Bacow 'Swooped' Into Opening Days With Instagram-Worthy Enthusiasm

Two months into his presidency — and days into his first semester — Bacow is taking an active, and very visible, role in undergraduate life.

Class of 2022 Freshman Survey

The Crimson's Freshman Survey: Meet the Class of 2022

More than 50 percent of survey respondents are non-white, a first in The Crimson’s half-decade of canvassing incoming freshmen. Nearly half are “not at all interested” in campus social groups, the highest level of apathy in Crimson history. And — for the sixth year in a row — the majority of surveyed freshmen are virgins. Get to know the Class of 2022.

Dean Dingman
On Campus

Dean Dingman

Thomas A. Dingman '67 leads the Freshman Dean's Office.