Yalies Mistake Laundry Machines for Toilets

In what Yalies have termed the “Poopgate” scandal, unknown persons have allegedly been defecating and urinating in the laundry machines of a Yale dormitory. While one might guess that the University would have the capacity to handle the matter swiftly, several weeks after the original incident there is at least one rumored suspect still on the loose. The disgusting trend started in Saybrook, one of Yale’s residential colleges.

Proud of their college’s number one ranking in respect to dirty laundry, Yalies have embraced this scandal. Students have reportedly thrown a “Dirty Laundry” themed party, done some video reporting, and even written a song, entitled “Poopa Poopa.” We can only hope that Yale’s smart students put their minds together and think of a way to out the culprit and prevent another unfortunate incident. Then again, it has been two weeks.

We can only hope…

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