A Chair for $10k or a Building for $1 Million—Choose Your Own (Naming) Adventure!

By William L. Jusino

Want to name a waterfall at Harvard Medical School after yourself? No problem, just pony up $2 million.

While the going rate for a Harvard Graduate School is apparently $350 million, you don’t have to write that big of a check to get your name on your own piece of Harvard property.

According to the Harvard Medical School website, there are dozens of “naming opportunities” for generous alumni, provided that you hand over the cash, of course.

To endow, for instance, the Harry Potter Professor of Medicine requires only a $4 million donation, with only half that needed for the librarian equivalent.

And the cheapest naming opportunity available costs only $10,000: your very own chair in the Joseph B. Martin Amphitheater.

But if theater seats and professors are too small potatoes for you, don’t worry, you can name a handful of buildings too.

While the Medical School’s new research building costs $50 million to name, the title rights of the building at 621 Huntington Ave. in Boston can be yours for just $10 million.

These are just the posted prices, however. If recent news shows anything, few things at Harvard are off limits in the naming game. Who knows, someday freshman may be dreading getting stuck in one of three houses in the Mark Zuckerberg Quad or asking for advice from their Bill Gates PAFs. Only time will tell.

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