UPDATED: October 6, 2015, at 3:42 a.m.

If you’ve been on this campus for even a single mildly cold day, you’ve seen the H Sweater. It’s either cream or crimson and it’s adorned with an obnoxious, torso-sized “H,” in case anyone forgot what letter this University’s name starts with.

Like every good fall tradition– pumpkin spice lattes and the changing of the leaves– we haven’t seen the H Sweaters since last year. But fall is back, and so are the sweaters. Your options are plenty this year– you can head over to The Harvard Shop, or (if you can’t choose between the literal three Harvard Shops in a one mile radius) you can order one from Hillflint.

You might notice that the Hillflint sweaters will cost you from $85 to $95, while the Harvard Shop’s will cost you $129.99, or $103.99 with an in-store student discount (Flyby did not seek comment as to whether an arm and a leg would be enough to cover the cost). What’s up with the price difference? Could it be that the Harvard Shop sweaters are 100% wool, while the Hillflint ones are a 60 percent/40 percent Cotton/Acrylic blend (for the $85 sweater) or 100% merino (for the $95 sweater)? Of course not. The extra $44.99 is to have the privilege of seeing the photo shoot of Harvard students rocking these sweaters.

(Note: both vendors also offer sweaters with your class year on them, but then you might forget what letter to put before “arvard”)