What to Wear: Harvard-Yale

By C.C. Gong

It’s that most wonderful time of year again: The Game is upon us. You’ve bought your tickets, luckily found which buses, trains or automobiles you’ll be taking, and have barely figured out where you’re going to stay. Time and time again, we’ve beaten them at football, and now it’s time for Harvard students to once again dominate on and off the field.

So it’s also time for us to be winning at the fashion game as well. Those who were at Harvard for the Game last year know how cold it was, and this year’s weather forecast does not seem much different. Sometimes it’s tricky to couple being warm with looking in style for all of those Instagram posts and Snaps (using cellular data since the Wifi at the Stadium is not the best). So what should you rock at New Haven to show those Yalies what’s good?

Harvard-Yale T-Shirts

You’ve been getting emails for the past week or so about these shirts. The Crimson Dance Team, Global Medical Brigades, and others have been selling t-shirts with killer slogans to help get everyone excited. Definitely buy one of these! Wear a layer underneath (or maybe two) as they are the key to staying warm. Maybe bring an extra shirt just in case the first gets messed up during the tailgate and you don’t want to go back all the way to Yale campus from the Stadium.

H Sweaters

Your mailboxes have also been filled with emails about the approaching deadline for ordering the classic H sweater. Why not wear this while cheering in the bleachers? These are not only perfect to show school pride at the Game, but they are perfect to wear throughout the very long, very cold Cambridge winter.

Bean Boots

You can’t storm the field without some solid footwear that will keep your feet warm. Bean Boots are a must-have, and paired with a pair (or two) of thick, woolly socks.

Disclaimer: It’s probably too late to purchase them in time for the Game, in part due to the notorious back order. If you don’t have them already, getting an alternative is always fine. Boat shoes may not be the best choice but do what you think is best.


As the famous Troy Bolton once said, “You got to get your head in the game!” Keeping it warm is always important. Your standard Harvard cap or beanie is an always welcome additon. Remember to pick it up after you throw it in the field after Harvard scores a touchdown.

In addition to these staples, a nice, heavy coat, fuzzy mittens and yes, pants are always a plus as you cheer in the stands. And remember to avoid wearing that not-so-attractive shade of blue! Have a fun, safe, and stylish Harvard-Yale experience, everyone.

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