Sophomores are Declaring Concentrations on an Online Tool That Does Not Exist Yet

Thanks, my.harvard.
Thanks, my.harvard. By Caie C. Kelley

Although Flyby hopes for your sake that you already knew this, sophomore fall is the time when students of the college must declare their concentration, and along with it, plan out every single class that they would like to take in the next four years in a “plan of study”– because any normal Harvard student knows exactly what they’d like to take for the entirety of their college experience as first semester sophomores. This year, the platform of declaring has moved online, but the process remains largely the same: sophomores will need to declare by November 12 (less than two weeks, people) and meet with their new concentration advisors and house advisors for approval beforehand.

There’s just one catch: the plan of study tool is on the my.harvard page, and the tool is still not available for actual use. That’s right, people, the countdown is on until the days sophomores will have to declare their concentration, but it looks like we’re all going to need to wait for a bit, as the Harvard tool currently promises: “Within the coming months a new Plan of Study and Declare Concentration service will become available directly from my.harvard.” If by “months” Harvard means “about a week,” however, the site might be running exactly on schedule.

For now, as we wait for the eagerly anticipated release of this new wing of my.harvard, declaring sophomores can prepare by reaching out to their sophomore advisors, meeting with their concentration advisors, looking up the course requirements for their concentration, and thinking deeply about the meaning and purpose of their respective lives. Concentrations are a defining part of anyone’s character, of course, so these existential crises are just par for the course. Happy contemplation, sophomores.

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