We’ve all already had all of yesterday to procrastinate on our work by venturing outside or sleeping, and so today is a day to be productive -- that is, to catch up (or start) some shows that will allow you to remain within the confines of your room guilt-free. Here are some of Flyby’s picks of shows available now on Netflix:


The best advice about this show is to just watch it, because the summaries and synopses never do it justice. It’s a comedy and an action-show that follows Chuck Bartowski, a computer geek who works at the Buy More and becomes a secret agent after downloading all of the government’s secrets into his head. A bit unrealistic, perhaps, but the characters are endearing. As Chuck costar Joshua Gomez has explained, “At the end of the day, you come home and there’s plenty of good television, but most of it, I feel like, is a bit of a downer. Chuck is not. It’s the opposite. At the end of a Chuck episode you feel good. It’s fun. You laugh. You go for a fun car chase and you hang out with people you like.” It’s a 10/10 every time.

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling spoke at the Law School graduation last year and went to high school in Cambridge. But besides the connections to Harvard, the show has some truly relatable moments, especially around the February 14th time of the year. It’s funny and charming, and the twenty-minute episodes make it a breeze to watch. As Mindy says in season one, “Maybe I won’t get married, ya know? Maybe I’ll do one of those Eat, Pray, Love things. I don’t wanna pray, forget it. I’ll just die alone.”

House of Cards

Everyone and their mom has seen this show, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, it’s probably about time you do so. The third season drops on Netflix on February 27th, and you’ve got the perfect amount of time to catch up on the drama, and the dining hall conversations. Even the Clintons binge-watched this show, with Hillary explaining, “my favorite character is Claire. What a bright, straight shooter that woman is.” Has she seen the second season?

Gilmore Girls

As Amit Das ‘18 explains, “it’s like class warfare and romantic comedy rolled into one burrito.” Although we’re not sure what he means, Gilmore Girls is a show for all genders and all types, and with seven seasons, you’ll be busy for more than just a day.


You know you’ve always wanted to watch it! Based on the realistic lives of five roommates in their sophomore year, the show seeks to question: “what am I doing here, what should I be doing here, and what will I be doing after?” It’s an enthralling way to reflect on your own life and its (lack of) meaning, all based at the school you love most. Check this article for a review of the first episode, and then dive right in!