Belated Valentine's Day
With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, there’s a buzz of students around campus trying to find a date. While Flyby’s already given you the how-to on picking your special someone (see: earning potential), here’s a list of places to consider to take your crush on campus once you fall in love. These are certain to create lasting memories.

The Quad
If you’re already in a long-distance relationship (it’s over a mile from the Quad to some River Houses), you know the struggle. But the Quad offers some great appeal for Valentine’s Day. Quad Grill’s mozzarella sticks just scream love. Plus, residents of the River hardly visit the Quad (still wondering where a few of my freshman year friends have been all year…) so it won’t even seem like you’re still on campus!

Lamont Café
Sushi is a natural aphrodisiac, and Lamont Café sushi is most certainly natural. Too bad Widener doesn’t have sushi. The stacks are RIGHT THERE.

Your House Library
Problem sets + readings + complete silence = perfection.

Fly-By (FYI: the quick lunch place, not us) and Queen’s Head Pub
With your busy schedule, you only really have 15 minutes to devote to your date. And you both have to eat, right? Kill two birds with one stone.

Because you actually don’t have a date and want to wallow in your sorrow with a huge bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Bran.