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Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part Four: The LISE Center’s Heklas– You’re Welcome

There are few things in life closer to my heart than warm, fresh, cinnamon rolls that are paid for by Harvard’s mysterious BoardPlus, but alas, for the love of Flyby I am revealing the greatest secret on this campus, the shining star in all of my darkest moments, a reason to smile even when wind chill is quite literally forcing me to tears.

The Harvard Crimson Article TBTs

​The Crimson archive is a treasure trove chock full of fascinating articles. Since 1873, this newspaper has been reporting on events and issues that range from tremendously important to slightly bemusing. Let us go back in time and dig up some gems, shall we?

Frankenbike: Spicing up the Streets of Cambridge One Vehicle at a Time

If you've been strolling through the Square in the right place at the right time this year, you may have had this exact thought after witnessing Billy Orman ‘16 riding on what appears to be a bicycle straight out of the circus.

Best V-Day Date Spots on Campus

While Flyby’s already given you the how-to on picking your special someone (see: earning potential), here’s a list of places to consider to take your crush on campus once you fall in love.

Netflix Study Breaks

Students are supposed to be studying, attending review sessions, and finishing papers. But in a world where Netflix is a thing—and at a school where HBO Go is free—now is about when everything can (and, in all likelihood, will) quickly disintegrate into watching period. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still spend this time learning, in one way or another.

Literary Leisure by Harvard's Very Own

College life doesn’t leave a lot of time for leisure reading. Between midterms and papers, extracurricular activities and socializing, it’s hard to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. However, the calm of the post-midterm lull might be a good time to take advantage of the university’s extensive library system as well as the beautiful, well-stocked Cambridge Public Library.

Hidden Gem: Harvard’s Hiphop Archive

Located on the second floor of Harvard’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute is a relatively new addition to Harvard, a pioneering center for research into hip hop, and a downright cool place if you’re into any aspect of the culture.

10 Observations From Hempfest

In case you missed Hempfest this weekend (Sept. 13 and 14), here are some of the highlights from the twenty minutes we spent observing. If you like what you read (what?), don’t worry, it’ll happen again next year.

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