What Does Your Favorite Harvard Square Cafe Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person from their choices. The books they choose to read willingly, what you can find on their Facebook newsfeed, or their favorite student grill order. But since we’re fortunate enough Harvard Square and Cambridge in general has so many cafés to choose from, why not learn more about yourself and your friends through the places you use to get all the caffeine you need to survive the day?

Meet Brett Culbert, Creator of the Prince $20 Bill

​Last week, an image of Prince photoshopped onto a $20 bill went viral. But the image’s creator, Graduate School of Design Ph.D. student Brett Culbert, never got his fifteen minutes of fame.

Steve Aoki: A Yardfest Study Guide

​Harvard students have been abuzz since the announcement that Steve Aoki will be the artist performing at this year’s Yardfest. The popular electro-house musician is well known for his collaborations with artists such as Lil Jon, Afrojack, and, as well as remixes of popular songs by artists such as Kid Cudi.

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Oh no—it’s the day before Christmas Eve, and you were so busy scrambling to do your Course Evaluations (due at 11 p.m. tonight!) that you completely forgot to buy something for your Secret Santa. We’ve collected some last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Facebook Group Celebrities: Where Are They Now?

Flyby caught up with the formerly Facebook famous Wyatt Robertson ‘18, Gabby D. Aguirre ‘17, and Stephen A. Turban ‘17 to find out what they've been up to since their Facebook famous days and how fame has been treating them.

The Harvard Crimson Article TBTs

​The Crimson archive is a treasure trove chock full of fascinating articles. Since 1873, this newspaper has been reporting on events and issues that range from tremendously important to slightly bemusing. Let us go back in time and dig up some gems, shall we?

HarvardKey: An Eagerly Anticipated Wait

​No more counting down the days and hours (we know, we know, it was eagerly anticipated) until changes are finally made to the Harvard PIN system login screen, because the much-anticipated date of September 22 is finally almost here. Or so we thought.

"Rakesh Khurana" Takes to The Crimson Comment Section

Somehow, with his busy schedule, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana has apparently found time to comment on Crimson stories online, offering thoughts on the undergraduate social scene under a Disqus account in his name. Or, you know, perhaps it’s an imposter.

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