Marking a Historic Moment - Your Chance to Make S’mores with President Faust

A cup of heaven.
A cup of heaven.

On March 19, President Drew G. Faust sent an email that most likely was sent to our spam folders, if not automatically, then manually after reading the subject line. However, we at Flyby read the email, and have dissected the message about this truly “historic moment” that impacts our entire community.

“It’s official. We have endured the snowiest winter on record, shoveling and trudging our way into history.”

I guess I can now tell my future grandchildren that the Winter of ’15 was officially the harshest of all time. I also now know that I trudged my way into history, although some could argue that it was much harder snapchatting our way into the campus story.

“I write now to invite you to join friends and colleagues on the Science Center Plaza…”

So, is this my invitation to freshman formal? The Class of 2017 offers the freshmen a heartfelt apology for this change in scenery, by the way.

“…on Thursday, March 26, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., for a celebration of this historic moment.”

THURSDAY?! Out of all the days of the week, it had to be on the one where I schedule my pset dates at Lamont. Oh, why Faust? Why?

“Please stop by to enjoy some well-deserved hot chocolate and s’mores…”

Ahhh, you should’ve made this the subject line of the email! I assure you the email opening rate would have increased had this been done. Although this sounds like the Harvard Oasis version of…winter, I guess.

“…as we look forward to what I hope will be an especially beautiful spring.”

Right there with you on that, Drew.

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