Happy Tuesday, Harvard! The tourists are out in full force again, which can mean only one thing: winter is officially over! Forget Punxsutawney Phil predicting when the seasons are going to change; the best way to judge the weather is to see how many tourists are keeping you from making it to the lecture you have decided to finally go to for once.



Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Grilled Porkburger

Red Spiced Tofu


Emerald Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Hoisin Glazed Salmon

Tofu Vegetable Lo Mein


Hopefully April showers really do bring May flowers (and maybe some grass on the Yard?) because it’s going to be raining all day.


  1. What Your Admissions Letter Didn’t Tell You -- A warning to the prospective class of 2019.


  1. Bureau of Study Counsel To Move Under College’s Purview -- “The Bureau of Study Counsel, currently a part of Harvard University Health Services, will report administratively to Harvard College starting in July.”
  2. 'Summer Camp' Looks To Foster Community for San Francisco Interns -- “Undergraduates at the College spread far and wide during the summer months, and as the number of computer science concentrators continues to grow, a group of students aims to foster relationships for those signing onto internships in the San Francisco area, where both large companies and start-ups attract students.”

WIB Week Begins With Focus on Outreach and Diversity -- “Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business’s second annual WIB Week will feature a keynote speech by food industry entrepreneur Jennifer Iannolo and a talk about issues of diversity featuring Deborah Elam, president of the GE Foundation and GE’s Chief Diversity Officer.”


Climate Week Breakfast — Professor Brian F. Farrell will be hosting today’s Climate Week Breakfast discussion at 8:30am in the HUCE Seminar Room (at 24 Oxford Street).

Is the American Century Over? — A lecture hosted by the Program on US-Japan Relations at 12:30pm in CGIS S020.

Protein Aggregation and Disaggregation by Chaperones — A lecture in the Medical School at 12:30. New Research Building - Room 1031.

Make Up Your Mind — The Harvard Society for Mind, Brian, and Behavior is hosting a symposium on decision making from 4-5:30 in Science Center E.

Her Campus Guide to College Life —Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Chandler Wang, Harvard graduates and co-founders of Her Campus are coming to the Coop to discuss Her Campus’s new book at 7pm.

Fight for $15 — A discussion on the national movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 in Boylston 105 at 8pm.