Want something to end your meal on a final (and potentially only) good note? Try this sweet pick-me-up that never goes out of style.

1) Go to the small but familiar coffee area. Grab one of those lovely ceramic cups that deceptively hold less coffee than they appear to. (Really, they hold less than the glass cups do)

coffee glass

2) Fill it with the strongest Seattle’s Best you can find, aka Level 5 - “Bold.” Don’t worry, guys. If you’re at Harvard, you probably need that Level 5 caffeine anyways.

level 5 coffee

3) Top it off with the silky, soft-serve vanilla ice cream of HUDS.

froyo cup

4) Sprinkle some cinnamon to add a little spice to your life.

5) Tactfully place granola to give it some crunch.


6) Alternatively, you can place sprinkles (how exciting).

finished product

Enjoy your wonderful HUDS creation.