Dining Delights

Dunster House Deans Axe Annual Goat Roast

Bringing an end to a decades-old Dunster House tradition, Faculty Deans Cheryl K. Chen and Sean D. Kelly canceled the main event of the House’s annual goat roast: the skinning and barbecuing of a locally sourced goat in the courtyard.

Mavens Kosher Court

Maven—the Hebrew word for expert—easily describes Alan M. Dershowitz in the courtrooms where he has defended Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, and Julian Assange. However, while his unwavering standards for quality pastrami on rye may be as staunch as his support for First Amendment rights, opening a deli was a case he had yet to encounter.

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles

With reading period and finals (a.k.a the end of the world as we know it) rapidly approaching, it’s more important than ever to have great treats to eat while you cram non stop. But if you’re plowing away on that last pset, chances are you don’t have time to wait for the crowd in front of the serving line to clear up. And with the weather degrading into a sad, drizzly, and cold mess, you likely want to stay inside as much as possible to stay warm.

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate waffles with whipped cream

Pop-Up Perfection

The first course of the night is served, a one-bite “snack” of daikon (a type of radish) pickled in a mostarda and wrapped up in mini taco form with Italian goat cheese and powdered soybean. Eyes widen around the table as we begin to realize what’s about to come out of Friedman’s makeshift kitchen.

Former FOP-mates at Senior Dinner

Kelsey S. McKenna '15, right, and inactive Crimson editor Hannah M. Borowsky '15 share a laugh during the Leverett House Senior Dinner on Thursday. The blockmates, who were in the same Freshman Outdoor Program group, met when Orowsky let McKenna store her wallet in her purse. They have been friends ever since.

Street Eats: Velozo's Food Service

Velozo's Food Service has been a Harvard campus staple serving students, faculty, and visitors of Harvard University for over fifty years. Meet Dean Veloza, the main who runs a food truck with his wife that his father began in 1960.

Campus Services Seeks Optimal Food Trucks

With the goal of finding the perfect combination for Harvard diners, Harvard Campus Services continues to experiment with the selection of food trucks in the Science Center Plaza.

All Houses To Restrict Inter-House Dining on Thursday Nights

The new policy, which is slated to take effect today, was announced in an email sent to the student body by Dean of the Office of Student Life Stephen Lassonde.

The Verdict: Eat Me! Salad

Welcome to The Verdict, Flyby's newest advice column! After living at Harvard for officially 82 days (88 if you count FOP; big shout out to FOP 12!), I can finally say I am happy with my meals here. I have figured out to get exactly what I want out of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone complains about the dining hall food, many for good reason; but if you search a little harder and spend five more minutes curating your plate, there’s no reason not to be satiated and, dare I say it, satisfied.

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