What to Expect When You're Expecting Winter

By Jennifer Y Yao

Dear guys who for some reason are still wearing salmon shorts and sandals: it’s nearly winter. Temperatures are dropping, and the weather is progressively getting bleaker and bleaker, so get ready to start using that second pair of leggings.

For those uninitiated, here’s what to expect this winter:

Your wardrobe will shrink
During the warm weather we had a closet overflowing with shorts and tanks. Now, we're just trying to stuff a couple flannels and a winter coat into our closet. Winter clothes take up more space, and therefore we can't have as many clothes packed in our wardrobe... so say "bye" to literally 80 percent of your clothes. But who cares about looking cute, right? All anyone is going to see is your parka anyway.

You will become a homebody
When it was warm, you’d often start studying in our rooms, trek over to Lamont to get some fresh air, then head to the Law School Library because you’ve failed to get any work done. Now that temperatures are near freezing, you’ll attempt to avoid the cold at all costs. That means trying to finish your pset while listening to your roommate studying out loud for her Chinese midterm.

Your iced coffee days are over
Everywhere else, you can pretty much make a good argument to drink iced coffee all year round. Unfortunately once it gets cold in Cambridge, it's nearly impossible to even imagine walking around with a cold drink. Especially because it’s likely your coffee will freeze anyway.

The MAC will be packed
While the really experienced runners will probably still be jogging outside, most of us who swore that we were addicted to River Runs are probably going to take our fitness indoors (assuming of course we don’t drop off entirely). That being said, you’re going to have to find odd times to use that treadmill. Maybe 9pm on a Saturday?

You'll desperately wait for (and then regret) snow
Now that it is getting cold, everybody is looking forward to the first snow. The first snow will make us feel as if this frigid weather is worth it because of its beauty and the instas we’ll take. But as soon as that snow turns to crusty brown ice, we'll be bitter every other time it starts to precipitate.

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