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What to Expect When You're Expecting Winter

Dear guys who for some reason are still wearing salmon shorts and sandals: it’s nearly winter. Temperatures are dropping, and the weather is progressively getting bleaker and bleaker, so get ready to start using that second pair of leggings.

Harvard Exports to Yale

The interuniversity trade routes between Yale and Harvard opened earlier this month by the proclamation of CS50’s export to Yale College, which is in Connecticut. This is no small step. CS50 is the best bioweapon we have engineered. With its t-shirts and free stuff, we are hopeful that it will divide the Yale campus into two groups: those who wear the “I took CS50” T-shirts, and those who do not. But this export should not be the last one by any means. FM considers other authentic items that Harvard has to offer to this time-honored rival for its betterment:

The History of Comp

Comp, a uniquely Harvard undertaking, fills a series of different roles for undergraduates seeking to join student groups on campus. It ensures that new members fit into the organization, indoctrinates them in the functions of the club, and teaches them new skills. Whether it’s over in a couple of weeks or fills up the entire semester, whether it’s a straightforward checklist or a highly challenging competition, comping is an investment of time, energy, and effort to demonstrate one’s willingness and ability to actively commit.

Which Club Should You Comp?

After the maze of hundreds of clubs, free candy, and aggressive upperclassmen recruiters that marked the activities fair, some freshmen (and upperclassmen!) may still find themselves in a daze, unable to decide what student organizations to comp or join this fall. Flyby is pleased to present a carefully-prepared flowchart designed to help you find the student organization that is right for you.

Comp Flyby!

Smart, skeptical, and student-oriented, Flyby is Harvard’s more-than-daily source for Harvard news, oddities, campus happenings, and more. Want to add your voice? Comp Flyby. First Comp Meeting: Tuesday, September 17. 6 p.m. 14 Plympton St. We'll see you there.

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