Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Swings into Harvard Business School

Home to scholars, artists, and even A-listers, Harvard Business School has accepted five-time Grand Slam winner and one of the highest paid female athletes, tennis player Maria Sharapova.

You may think this means you have found a new doubles partner or even a new yoga buddy, but unfortunately Sharapova will only be at Harvard for a two week summer program.

It may seem odd that a world-class athlete can spare the time to attend Harvard, even if only for a couple weeks, but earlier this year, Sharapova tested positive for meldonium, a recently banned substance, and received a two-year suspension from the International Tennis Federation. Sharapova is appealing the case, although many of us secretly hope her suspension allows her to extend her stay at Harvard.

On Saturday, Sharapova tweeted a picture of herself at Harvard Business School with the caption, “Not sure how this happened but Hey Harvard! Can't wait to start the program!”

Sharapova accompanies other celebrities, such as actor Channing Tatum, rapper LL Cool J, Chicago Bulls center Pau Gasol, and LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul on the HBS campus. Since these A-listers will be attending Harvard at different times throughout the summer, we recommend investing in a lawn chair to make your celebrity stalking experience a bit more comfortable.


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